wooden bathroom accessories designed with wood cabinets

Wooden Furniture Inspiration For Your Bedroom and Bathroom

6th September 2017

We know that choosing your furniture for your bedroom and bathroom can be a big task with so many options on the market. That’s why we think it helps to see some of the most popular options out there, and with wooden furniture being so timeless, varying from rustic designs to the elegant, there’s sure to be something for you!

Minimalist wood bedroom

woven wooden bed frame


This woven wooden bed is a prime example of the modern designs that wood can take in the bedroom. With the sharp, clean corners and minimalistic design of the bed, combined with the contrasting light wood wall and floor panels, the furniture here creates an simple, uncluttered vibe.

Traditional wooden designs

embellished wooden bed frame


For those who’d like something more ornate and traditional, perhaps opt for an embellished bed such as the one above to provide a centrepiece for the bedroom. Matching wooden furniture with intricate designs such as the oak wardrobe unites the colour and tone, and the white and gold bedsheets make the wood texture pop.

Contemporary curves

modern curved bed frame for bedroom inspiration


This modern design also features lighter wooden floors to contrast with the bed’s wood tone – you could also go for a dark floor to create a warmer room. The slightly curved headboard and foot creates a more modern look, especially combined with the contemporary mosaic wall design.

Wall mounted wooden cabinets

Modern Wall mounted wooden cabinet


Wall mounted cabinets like this one are particularly on trend at the moment, as chic and stylish alternatives to the traditional bathroom cabinet.

modern bathroom wall mounted cabinet


Use wall-mounted cabinets to frame your mirror and vanity like above, and with matching colours, this style will bring cohesion to your bathroom.

Wooden wall panels

Modern Wall mounted cabinet on wooden panelled walls


Following on from the wall cabinet trend, you can go for contrasting styles like this designer has done here, contrasting the stark, clean white cabinets with dark grey wooden wall panels to make the cabinets stand out in an artistic minimalist display.

Freestanding wooden cabinets

freestanding wooden cabinet in light grey


You can also get beautiful freestanding cabinets such as this one for your bathroom, which means you can easily rearrange your bathroom or change it up anytime you please.

Wooden bathroom accessories

wooden bathroom accessories designed with wood cabinets


This walnut coloured sink cabinet with matching mirrors demonstrates beautifully how matching bathroom accessories can bring the room together.  With the plants as decoration, the browns and greens give this clean simplistic bathroom it’s warmth through their earthy tones.

For the best results and overall cohesion of your home, whatever design or wood type you choose for one, you should ideally choose for the other too. Note whether you want to go contemporary or traditional and then try to stick to that tone throughout the rooms of your house. The way, your bedroom and bathroom design should come together beautifully to complement one another, and allow for seamless transitions from room to room!

So keep looking until you’ve found a few key elements, tones and styles that you love, and create a mood board so you can begin to pull it all together. Then you can build your bedroom and bathroom around this!

We hope you found this helpful and enjoyed some of our compilation of some of the latest inspirational bathroom designs – come back again soon for more!

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